Person Mathew Passy

Mathew Passy
  • ID: per-a2e97ad84b6a7eda
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin country: United States
  • Current residence: New Jersey
  • Profession occupation: Podcast Producer/Consultant
  • Biography: Podcast Producer/Consultant at and head of content for, the go-to resource for all things podcasting.  Podcasting wasn’t a thing when I started my career but as soon as it hit the scene I saw it’s potential.  I launched my first podcast for the biggest FM talk station in New Jersey.  After the I spent 8 years producing, hosting, and creating podcasts for The Wall Street Journal.  Today I produce podcasts for private clients across the US. I love this medium because it gives content creators the ability to share their story, ask their questions, or express themselves however they see fit.  
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